The Last of Everything Yumbox Bento

The Last of Everything Yumbox Bento

This lunch looks pretty good, I admit, but there was a dark underbelly to it. Every item you see in this lunch box was the very last bit of that thing in the house. I desperately needed to go to the grocery store and I frankly can't believe that I managed to find enough food for the kids' lunches considering how empty our fridge was.For a minute I thought I might have to send them with pickle chips, barbecue sauce and some questionable sauerkraut, but a little digging and using things up helped me pull this off.

They boys had twin lunches packed into Yumbox Paninos: the last of the sunbutter and the last of the jam on the last four slices of bread (each kid got one of the heels), the last scraggly strawberries and blueberries, the end of the cucumber (Augie only) and the bottom of the bag of maple-rosemary sunflower seeds.

The struggle is real, people!
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